Saturday, 26 November 2016

Singapore Armed Forces faciltity at Oakey to have Au$50M upgrade


21 Nov, 16, Source: Qld Government

A $50 million upgrade to the Singapore Armed Forces’ facilities at the Oakey Army Aviation Centre, has been awarded to Toowoomba-based construction company FKG Group.
The project will include refurbishment of helicopter training facilities and the construction of new logistics and maintenance facilities and airfield infrastructure for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), which bases its helicopter training at Oakey. The new work is being done to support an additional detachment of Boeing CH-47 airframes that is due to be deployed to the RSAF’s Helicopter Squadron.
The program of work is expected to commence in December and take 11 months to complete.
The RSAF’s helicopter squadron utilises the Oakey Army Aviation Centre following an agreement between the Australian and Singaporean governments.

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I think Singapore better save the money as the little country spend more on defense than Thailand and Malaysia combined with very little to justify the $12 billion budget.  I hope they heed my advice as when Thailand start construction of the Kra canal I guess it will take a decade after completion of the Kra canal that we will witness the decline of the state city economically and socially and I imagine that will not bode well for the ruling family of Singapore. Guess why they need the new expensive submarine must be for emergencies.

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