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Russia may agree to transfer technology of production of engines for the Su-35 to China

Media: Russian Federation could agree to transfer to China the technology of production of engines for the Su-35

02/17/2017      ITAR-TASS
Russia and China signed a contract for 24 Su-35 in November 2015

BEIJING, Feb. 16th. / Corr. Roman Balandin TASS /. Russia probably has agreed to supply China with the Su-35 engines of the latest batch of them AL-41F1S (article 117C) and transfer them to the production technology. Told SINA information portal, citing sources.

"China has purchased a separate party to the engines of the Su-35 to test Russia probably agreed to transfer technology (engines).", - The newspaper writes.

According to the portal in the test engine in China AL-31FN third series (for deck-based fighters Su-33) "is not actually shown any benefit in traction as compared to domestic (Chinese) WS-10B with a nominal thrust of 13.5 tons except that it is superior to the reliability and stability of those of the latter. "

The newspaper said China wants to carry out tests to determine whether the superior AL-41F1S on these indicators AL-31FN third series. This will help in the selection of engines for the Chinese military aircraft.

Russia and China signed a contract for 24 Su-35 in November 2015. The cost of the agreement is estimated at no less than $ 2 billion in the agreement also includes the supply of ground equipment and reserve engines. As reported earlier Tass source in the military-technical cooperation system, the contract will be executed in three years.

The first four fighters were delivered to China in 2016. The second batch of ten Su-35 will be delivered to China in 2017, the remaining ten - 2018.

Su-35 - the Russian multi-role fighter, equipped with on-board radar with a phased antenna array, as well as engines with thrust vector control. It can reach speeds of up to 2.5 thousand km / h, the range of its flight reaches 3.4 thousand km, combat radius -.. About 1.6 thousand. Km. The fighter is armed with 30 mm cannon caliber and has 12 suspension points for bombs and missiles.

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Translated by google - Original post:

Russia recently agreed to modernize Su-30MKI with Su-35 engines now they agree to transfer Su-35 engine tech to China.  This can mean that the new engines for the PAK FA must be nearly completed…..

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