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New bomber sight for upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber

Телеканал Звезда

New bomber sight for upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber - bmpd

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According to the magazine "Jane's International Defense Review" in an article by Miroslav Gyürösi "Belarus reveals enhanced 'Backfire' EO package", at the 9th international exhibition of armament and military equipment MILEX-2019 Belarusian OJSC held in Minsk from 15 to 18 May 2019 Peleng (Minsk) presented the new ST-22-1 electron-optical bomber sight, developed as part of the modernization program for long-range Tu-22M3 Russian Aerospace Forces bomber to the Tu-22M3M version. 

A new electron-optical bomber sight ST-22-1, developed by the Belarusian company "Peleng" for the modernization of long-range bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian Aerospace Forces, in the exposition of the exhibition MILEX-2019. Minsk, May 2019 (c) Miroslav Gyürösi / Jane's

Sight ST-22-1 is designed for use on land and sea targets and is equipped with automatic capture and target tracking devices. OJSC "Peleng" provided only limited information about ST-22-1, which was officially designated in the exhibition as "television system". It is reported that the CT-22-1 has four switchable fields of view - wide (8 ° × 6 °), medium (4 ° × 3 °), narrow (2 ° × 1.5 °) and two-fold narrow (1 ° × 0 , 75 °) - in all cases with independent stabilization in the vertical and horizontal planes. According to the manufacturer, a narrow installation of the field of view allows you to detect a target the size of a tank at a distance of 15 km with a probability of up to 90%.

The sight optics has a range from -40 ° to + 70 ° vertically and ± 30 ° in the longitudinal direction, with a maximum speed of movement of 30 ° per second and a minimum speed of tracking the target within the line of sight of only 0.05 ° per second. 

The estimated installation of the ST-22-1 electron-optical bomber sight (closed with a red cap), developed by the Belarusian JSC “Peleng”, on a prototype of a modernized Tu-22M3M long-range bomber of the Russian Aerospace Force (side number "42"). Kazan, 08.16.2018 (c)

Tu-22M3M in the sky over High Mountain and Kazan. 05.05.2019 - YouTube

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