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Thailand ranks fourth in Asia-Pacific for availability in chartered private jets for the ultra-rich

Private Jets a Tough Find in Asia-Pacific



March 23--Thailand ranks fourth in Asia-Pacific when it comes to local options in chartered private jets for the ultra-rich, says a Hong Kong-based chartering firm.

There are 18 executive jets available locally for the 26 billionaires in Thailand, hence a ratio of 0.7:1, good for fourth on the nine-country list, according to new research by L'Voyage.
The study found that while China, Hong Kong and South Korea are among the 15 countries that have the most billionaires globally, they offer the fewest number of chartered jets per billionaire in Asia.

Sluggish development of an aircraft-sharing culture, a shortage of talent, and challenging and diverse business aviation regulations have contributed to the current situation, said L'Voyage chairman Diana Chou.

Overall, northern Asia's charter jet industry lags behind its Southeast Asian counterparts in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Subsequently, the well-heeled in Japan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea are often hard-pressed to book private jets during peak holiday seasons in Asia.

Key findings from the research:

Greater China's 609 billionaires have just 70 chartered private jets to choose from, compared with the 552 billionaires in the US who can choose from more than 2,600 private aircraft. That comes to 4.7 chartered jets per billionaire in the US, compared with 0.1 in Greater China.

Hong Kong's 72 billionaires have to jostle for 13 private charter aircraft and face the challenges of landing slots and parking. Fortunately, they can opt to take off from Shenzhen's Bao'an airport when the city's only private jet terminal is overbooked.

Australian billionaires are the luckiest, with two charter jets available for every ultra-rich person. Australia's chartered jet sector has grown as a result of demand from users in the mining and tourism industries.

Singapore ranks second in terms of convenience, with one charter jet available for every billionaire. Singapore's government has been investing in the infrastructure needed to support the industry and is currently the region's most active aircraft leasing hub.
L'Voyage said the situation in Greater China is set to improve, thanks to government support.

Greater China has the fastest-growing number of billionaires in the world -- up 41 from 595 in 2016 -- and its charter jet industry is catching up as well.

In March, China's Civil Aviation Administration abolished the need for government approval of the purchase and registration of new or pre-owned private jets.

China also plans to build more than 500 airports by 2020 and boost the operating environment for general aviation.

By next month, Hong Kong will begin legislating a new tax regime designed to appeal to commercial aircraft leasing companies.

"Such measures should also help expedite business aircraft leasing and spare demand for locally registered aircraft for charter," Ms Chou said.

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Flying High: Thailand's Top 5 Private Jets

Planning a holiday in Thailand, and around the region, is a breeze, thanks to top-of-the-line air services available in the Kingdom.

The Land of Smiles is one of those rare destinations where it’s easy to combine business and pleasure. Thailand’s growing economy brings many foreigners here for the first time on commerce and trade. Soon enough, they are hooked on the country’s sunshine and charm – either coming back for a straightforward holiday, or turning a business trip into a family getaway or couple’s vacation on the side.

By Barbara Woolsey

In response to such rising demand, Thailand lays claim to some of Southeast Asia’s best air service providers. When it comes to delivering five-star connections around the region, Thailand is a hub of splendour and elegance. For chartering a private jet, to and from exotic destinations, the options are endless.

What makes indulgent travel in this country really stand out is the traditional way of life that’s been built over time. Thais are known for their generosity and service-mindedness, and as a result the service standard here reflect both in generous doses. We’ve put together a list of five air service providers in Thailand that are the cream of the crop. But trust us when we say, it wasn’t easy to choose.


MJETS is Thailand’s leading specialist in private aviation, providing luxury flights by charter around the region. Based out of Bangkok, the company was founded in 2007 and remains the country’s first and only fixed based operator (FBO) with a private jet terminal at Don Mueang Airport. MJETS operates an impressive fleet of Gulfstream and Cessna aircrafts boasting bespoke cabin configurations and in-flight amenities, and of course, fast-track immigration and customs clearance go without saying.


For more than 20 years, Siam Land Flying has been at the head of the pack when it comes to executive air travel across the region. Whether chartering for business or pleasure, the company’s Hawker and King Air airplanes provide top comfort as well as cutting-edge design, performance and technology to its ultra-premium clientele. Siam Land also offers emergency medical services, handling evacuations with a team of doctors on 24 hours standby, ready to fly anywhere.


This Bangkok based independent aviation company facilitates private jet charters across Asia-Pacific primarily for customers from the U.S., Europe and China. Founded in 2004, OrientSKYs works with a network of trusted operators based in strategic locations like Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo, in order to match clients to the most perfect charter. OrientSKYs is also able to provide Asian customers with charter in Europe and Americas through its full-time U.S. and European offices. Through a partnership with Global Jet Sales, the company helps to broker private jets sales. Their inventory is highly exclusive, featuring only the most top-quality aircraft and coveted off-market products.

Stratos Jet Charters

There is no destination too far for Stratos Jet Charters. They source private aircrafts and provide global access to private jets, on both an international and domestic basis. By matching clients with charters, they are free of the strenuous responsibilities that come with owning and maintaining aircraft – leaving the company able to focus entirely on the execution of its guests’ travel itineraries. They coordinate everything from Point A to B, whether it’s chauffeured ground transfer to in-flight catering, and even hotel booking.

Advance Aviation

Advance Aviation is Thailand’s largest VIP helicopter charter service. Also offering private jet charters, the company’s fleet consists of a Gulfstream G-200 aircraft and five top-notch EC-135 and EC-130 helicopters in flashy red and white. Since Advance Aviation’s founding in 2010, the company has expanded to three strategic locations around the country: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. They can fly anywhere around the

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