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Sohu explained why Egypt buys Russian Su-35s and sells French Mirages

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Sohu explained why Egypt buys Russian Su-35s and sells French Mirags | news

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Egypt preferred the Russian Su-35 over Chinese aircraft, and decided to sell the old winged combat vehicles to Pakistan. The publication Sohu explained the choice of Cairo and recalled the advantages of the Russian fighter that attract foreign buyers. An exclusive translation of the article presents PolitRussia to its readers.

As it became known the day before, Russia began assembling Su-35 aircraft intended for Egyptian aircraft in accordance with the contract signed in 2018. Work is underway at an aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. It is expected that the first batch of Russian aircraft will be delivered to Egypt before the end of this year, and the full agreement should be implemented in 2023. According to some reports, in total Cairo will receive 26 Russian fighters. The deal is worth two billion dollars.

“The Russian 4 ++ Su-35 generation heavy fighter has been significantly upgraded compared to the Su-27,” Chinese analysts say. “It has excellent weapons and a powerful radar.” All these characteristics bring him closer to the level of fifth-generation fighters. "

According to Sohu observers, having received Russian aircraft, the Egyptian Armed Forces will be able to achieve superiority in the sky over the Sinai Peninsula. Chinese experts emphasize that the Su-35 has excellent maneuverability and is capable of flying without refueling over long distances: these characteristics cannot be boasted by F15 and F16 fighters serving in the Israeli Air Force.

According to Sohu, some time ago there was information that Egypt was interested in the Chinese fighters Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong and J-10. However, Cairo’s purchase of Russian Su-35s blocked the sale of aircraft from China.

As it became known, Egypt intends to optimize its air fleet and reduce the load on its aviation logistics. So, Cairo is getting rid of some "supported" combat aircraft. It became known that Pakistan intends to acquire from Egypt 20 Mirage-5 multipurpose fighters made in France. Chinese analysts believe this decision is wise, since the purchase of new aircraft will cost too much to the state budget. In addition, Sohu experts emphasize, the Pakistan Air Force is currently equipped with Mirage-3 fighters, which have similar aerodynamic features to the improved Mirage-5, so it will be easier for pilots to get comfortable with airplanes of the same family.

Earlier, PolitRussia cited the opinion of Vietnamese experts who appreciated reliable Russian air defense in the northern regions of the country.

Author: Anna Ilyinskaya

The source spoke about the start of production of the Su-35 in Russia for Egypt

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