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Russia will determine the number of "Armata" tanks to be purchased by September

Рогозин рассказал, когда определят объемы закупок танка "Армата"/Rogozin said that determine the volume of purchases of the tank "Armata"

13:36 04/20/2017

(Updated: 13:37 20/04/2017 )

MOSCOW, April 20 - RIA Novosti. The volume of the tank procurement "Armata" will be determined in September - after it in the full version will present to Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, noting that the tank test run according to plan, practiced different techniques.

"Ordering options will be issued under the new armaments program, we expect that in early May, her project will be submitted to the Ministry of Defense, the College of Military-Industrial Commission, in September, it will be reported already pretty assembled version of the president of Russia, there including those to be determined and the volume of purchases of the tank ", - Rogozin told journalists, answering the question, when it is planned to adopt the" Armata ".

He noted that in the near future board of the Military-Industrial Commission "to hear a report on the course of this work recently appointed a new CEO."

"What kind of a complication, we are expected to work with this machine," - said Deputy Prime Minister.

Main Battle Tank T-14 "Armata" - the world's third postwar generation tank, fully Russian development. It is based on the universal platform of the new generation of heavy "Armata", on the basis of which it is possible to produce tanks, heavy infantry combat vehicles, engineering machinery, heavy armored personnel carriers, tanks, machine support, intelligence and control.

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Other sources put the total number of Armata at 2,400 tanks..........

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