Saturday, 20 May 2017

Royal Navy's new destroyer in successful missile test

By Ben Mitchell

May 20 2017

The Royal Navy has released dramatic footage of Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond test-firing its Sea Viper missile system targeting an incoming drone travelling at 500mph.

The £1 billion warship carried out the exercise, which was designed to simulate a projectile attack on the vessel, off the coast of Scotland.

The missile flew at four times the speed of sound before it destroyed the target Mirach drone, which was heading through the skies above the Outer Hebrides.

Commander Ben Keith, commanding officer of Portsmouth-based HMS Diamond, said: "We have proven once again that the Type 45 destroyer is a world-beating ship when it comes to air defence and this firing gives us the utmost confidence in Diamond and her systems in advance of our deployment later this year."

Diamond's sister ship HMS Daring returned home to Portsmouth last week after a nine-month deployment on security patrol in the Middle East.

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