Monday, 8 April 2019

Royal Thai Navy C-802A Test - YouTube

Royal Thai Navy C-802A Test - YouTube

Excerpt - Translated by google - On April 5, 62, 11.29 hrs. In the Andaman Sea As part of the navy training, with Admiral Luechai Ruddidit, the naval commander And the navy officers of the Royal Thai Navy join forces to observe training on the Royal Chakri Naruebet

The rocket ran for 100 kilometers at a speed of 0.94. Mach was able to destroy the target precisely. Which is the first launch of the missile launching weapon for the first time and for the first time in the ASEAN region 

The C-802A missile launcher is a weapon for ground-to-ground missile launching from the People's Republic of China. Used to resist surface water When released from the firing tube orbiting water At a lower speed than sound Driven by solid fuel The warhead is a semi-piercing armor. And have a broken impact Explosion time delay With anti-interference circuit Can be used in normal sea conditions Until the sea level 5, by the Navy recruiting into the Navy And installed in the Royal Kra Buri and HMS Sai Buri boats.  Source:

Type 053H Jianghu class Frigates (1974): Details

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