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The next "Karakurt" with "Calibers" will be released for testing on April 25

Typhoon 577 - Capt(N)

The next "Karakurt" with "Calibers" will be released for testing on April 25: Translated by google -  The second small rocket ship of the project 22800, pledged as a "Typhoon", is planned to be put on factory road trials on April 25, 2019. Mil.Press FlotProm was told about this by a source in the industry who is familiar with the situation. The first part of the tests will be held in the waters of Lake Ladoga.

The beginning of the state tests of the ship is scheduled for July 2019. Another source told the publication that access to the ZHI can only happen in May: the preparation of the relevant documents is continuing. 

RTOs, renamed Sovetsk, and then Mercury, are planned to be admitted to the Navy in 2019. He will take part in the Main Naval Parade. 

As the sectoral source of the publication said, "Karakurt" is still listed on "Pella" under the name "Mercury". In this case, the name of the legendary Russian brig in April decided to assign the head corvette of the project 20386, being built on the "Northern shipyard".
In February, the Pella shipbuilders were awaiting the delivery of diesel engines for RTOs from the Zvezda plant. Now they are already on the ship, said the interlocutor of Mil.Press FlotProm.

For the timely provision of the Navy with diesel engines, Kingisepp Machine Building Plant (KMZ) will also be involved in their production along with the “Star”. The two enterprises will close the diesel deficit by the beginning of the 2020s, Captain I rank Mikhail Krasnopeev, deputy head of the shipbuilding department of the Russian Navy , said in October 2018. 

Earlier in September, Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko signed a document on the transfer of design documentation for engines from PJSC Zvezda to the fund of technical documentation of the Russian Navy, created on the basis of 51 Central Ship Repair Design Institute. Documents must also receive KMZ. 

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Small rocket ships of the project 22800, the cipher "Karakurt", were developed at the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau as an alternative for the delay in the construction of frigates of the project 11356. The "Karakurt" is armed, in particular, with the modernized caliber 76.2 mm AK-176MA, ZRPK Pantsir -M "(or two AK-630) and the Caliber-NK attack missile system. The displacement of ships - 800 tons, speed - 30 knots, autonomy - 15 days. The power plant IRA - domestic. It includes three diesel M-507D-1 and three diesel generator DHAS-315 produced by PJSC "Star". 

In total, the fleet plans to receive up to 23 such ships.

Karakurt-class (Project 22800): Details

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