Friday, 19 April 2019

Watch the new Iranian fighter jet in action for the first time


Watch the new Iranian fighter jet in action for the first time: The Iranian military showcased their new domestically-made Kowsar fighter jet during an air show in Tehran on Tuesday.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agnecy (IRNA), the new Kowsar aircraft flew alongisde their F-5, MiG-29 and Saeqeh jets in a joint drill. A Boeing 747 supertanker also participated in the show.

The air show was organized two days before Iran National Army Day, which will display the Islamic Republic’s military might.

On the Army Day, only the domestically-made fighter jets will be on display, IRNA said, citing army commanders.

The Kowsar fighter jet was first unveiled in last Summer and it went into mass production by mid-fall. Kowsar is the third Iranian-made jet fighter after Azarakhsh and Saeqeh.

The domestically-developed fighter jet has been utilizing a wide network of Iranian knowledge-based companies and industrial organizations of the Ministry of Defense.

The Kowsar has been optimized for the combat capability of the pilot, localized avionics and advanced 4th generation fire control as well as mechanical and hydraulic systems and the engine.

The fighter jet features an advanced integrated architecture and fire control avionics, the 4th generation digital data network, multi-purpose digital display technology, computerized ballistic calculations of weaponry and the HUD system to increase the accuracy of weapons and ammunition hits, advanced multi-objective fire control radar to enhance the detection of targets and threats, accurate radio and navigation independence and a smart mapping system.

The jet will be produced in single seat and twin seat versions, with the twin seat expected to be used in training pilots.

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Published on Apr 18, 2019
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