Sunday, 21 April 2019

IDF inaugurates Rampage against Syria

Tsahal inaugure ses Rampage contre la Syrie: Translated by google - The Israeli army reportedly fired Rampages against Syria for the first time.

On 02 April 2019, at 0230 hours, Israeli planes operating illegally from Lebanese airspace destroyed three hangars at a Syrian military base in Maysaf, Hama district, wounding three soldiers.

According to the Jerusalem Post , the missiles used would be the new supersonic weapons of high precision, the Rampages. These projectiles with a range of 150 km and an accuracy of 10 m, are easy to detect but, given their speed, very difficult to intercept. They are co-produced by Israel Aerospace Industries and IMI Systems for a price three times lower than their competitors.

As usual, the Israeli press justifies this attack by insisting it targets an Iranian facility located on a Syrian base.

IMS, IAI develop missile undetected by enemy

F-16C/D: Details

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