Friday, 19 April 2019

Russian Project 22160 Corvettes to be armed with new electronic defense

NavyRecognition on Twitter: "#Russian #Project22160 #Corvettes to be armed with new electronic #defense #Russia": “#Russian #Project22160 #Corvettes to be armed with new electronic #defense #Russia”

"The new complexes can jam radars or create dummy disturbances. They comprise high-tech sensors on warship hull. The information on all operating electronic systems that can detect a warship is transmitted in real time to intercept bearing posts. The system identifies radar type and its carrier. The Corvette thus gets a possibility to impact ground, sea and airborne radars, as well as satellite detection systems."

Project 22160 Dmitry Rogachev Arrives in Sevastopol for Trials
The second Project 22160 "Dmitry Rogachev" in Novorossiysk

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