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South Korea to build its own aircraft carrier

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The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea (RK) approved a program for the creation of large warships LPX-2, within which a light aircraft carrier will also be created, which will house naval modifications of fifth-generation F-35 American fighter jets. Although the  military department emphasized aircraft carrier is not accepted, but acknowledged the fact of approval of the program, within which will be created the largest warship of the Korean Navy.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on July 12 a meeting of the commanders of the headquarters of the branches of the armed forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea (RK) was held under the chairmanship of the Head of the Joint Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the RK Pak Khan Gui. During the meeting, it was decided to approve the program for the creation of large transport warships for the country's Navy LPX-2. Relevant funds for the implementation of the program will be reflected in the mid-term modernization plan of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan over the next one to two years.

As it became known, the main project of the LPX-2 program will be the construction of a large ship with a displacement of about 30 thousand tons. It will become the largest ship of the Navy of the Republic of Korea, for which currently the largest are the helicopter carriers "Tokto" and "Marado" with a displacement of 19 thousand tons.

According to sources, the new ship will be able to receive fighters with vertical takeoff and landing, as well as a number of devices that make it a light aircraft carrier. It is assumed that it will be based on marine modifications of the American fighter of the fifth generation F-35 - F-35B. South Korea has already purchased 40 F-35 A “stealth fighters” from the USA, having received four first cars. In this regard, it is very likely that Koreans will continue to take these models, this time to equip their aircraft carrier.

According to the plan, the construction of a new ship will begin in the mid-2020s, and it will be launched into the water by 2030. It turns out that in 11 years South Korea will have its first aircraft carrier.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan carefully avoids admitting that it will be the aircraft carrier that will be built, saying only that "the largest ship" will be built. "Nothing has been decided yet what aircraft will be based on the ship and when exactly it will be put into service ... In general, we plan to use it to respond to various security threats, conduct amphibious and maritime operations, support activities for combat units, and for rescue operations and humanitarian missions, "- said in a statement the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, experts are unanimously confident that this is precisely the construction of the first South Korean aircraft carrier, but for now Seoul does not want to provoke neighboring countries. Plans to create similar light aircraft carriers already exist in Japan, actively developing the program of building aircraft carriers and China. 

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