Friday, 26 July 2019

Ukroboronprom sends to Thailand first set of BTR-3KSh for licensed assembly in this country


Ukroboronprom sends to Thailand first set of BTR-3KSh for licensed assembly in this country – Bukin

Ukroboronprom state concern has sent the first set of BTR-3KSh (command and staff) armored vehicle to Thailand for licensed assembly in this country, director general of the concern Pavlo Bukin has said.

"We view this export supply as a marker of deepening our cooperation with Thailand - a strategic partner of Ukraine in Southeast Asia. Ukraine has serious prospects in this direction and should use them in its national interests," Bukin said.

According to him, several years ago a framework agreement was signed with the authorized enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Thailand for the production of BTR-3E1 armored vehicles, various modifications and vehicles based on it, as well as to provide service in the kingdom.

"The BTR-3KSh command-staff armored vehicle based on the BTR-3 is a joint project of Kyiv Armored Plant, which is part of Ukroboronprom, other concern enterprises and private companies, developed on the order of the Royal Thai Armored Forces in cooperation with the Defense Technology Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Thailand," the head of the concern said.

According to him, in the current conditions, the expansion of export supplies is the only way to ensure the innovative development of Ukroboronprom enterprises.

"Cooperation with Thailand allowed Ukraine to expand the BTR-3 line and launch the mass production of an absolutely new world-class combat vehicle," he said.

BTR-3KSh (command and staff) armored vehicle


The Ukrainian manufacturer KBZ, Kievskiy Bronetankovyi Zavod - Kiev Armored Factory, part of the Ukroboronprom state consortium, presented the PC vehicle, Command Post, BTR-3KSh, developed from the VBTT, armored personnel carrier, wheeled 8 × 8 BTR-3.


     The internal volume of the BTR-3KSh is increased to accommodate different equipment and improve the ergonomics of the vehicle. The tank can accommodate up to nine people. The vehicle is presented with the IVA-M teleoperated turret armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and equipped with diurnal and thermal glasses.


     The BTR-3KSh can receive an automated command system, the tactical terminal of the digitized battle space and the data transmission system. The BTR-3KSh can receive information from various sensors, including unmanned aircraft. It was presented with the Puma drone designed by the state-owned company GKB AON.  Source:

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