Friday, 12 July 2019

Did Google Help China Develop Targeting Tech For 5th Gen Fighters?

Did Google Help China Develop Targeting Tech For 5th Gen Fighters?

Google's Artificial Intelligence and Human Interface researcher Dr. Shumin Zhai might have helped the Chinese military. Take a look here!

While Google’s known for Android and its search engine, the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin has moved forward from mobile operating systems and internet webpage classification. It’s the right move, given the billions that he’s made – a move that this humble scribe would also make were he given similar resources. Brin’s known for his interest in ‘Moonshot’ projects; projects with the potential to change the world rapidly were they to be successful. Naturally, this also means that Google’s ‘X’ division crosses paths with sensitive technologies.

One such technology is Google Glass. This moonshot project came into the limelight recently, when even Apple’s CEO Mr. Tim Cook showed interest in it. But then, Google Glass faded away from the public spotlight, despite Google having upgraded the gadget to Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in May this year. Google Glass is used by General Electric for jet engine maintenance, and by Airbus for assembly. These companies use software from Upskill, a company that builds AR rest of article

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