Tuesday, 14 January 2020

New subs sign of troubles to come?

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New subs sign of troubles to come?

The Indian navy just transferred one of its Russian-made Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarines to the Myanmar navy in late 2019, making it the first submarine ever to be deployed by Myanmar. If there are no technical problems, as Vice Admiral Prachachart Sirisawat, spokesman and deputy chief-of-staff of the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) speculated in early December, Myanmar could have put its newly acquired submarine into action in the Andaman Sea from Dec 24 last year.....read rest of article

The Thai Navy's First Electric Diesel Submarine: S26T
The Royal Thai Navy presses for 2nd Chinese sub
Sub deal with Thailand shows China’s naval capability
China’s first air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarine recently broke a number of records
Steel cutting ceremony for the Royal Thai Navy’s (RTN’s) first S26T submarine

Yuan Type 039A / Type 041 submarine: Details

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