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Engine for PAK DA bomber to be installed on IL-76

Engine for PAK DA bomber to be installed on IL-76 - Naked Science

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Another interesting project in the field of using new strategic bombers was PAK DA - A promising long-range aviation complex. Based on this platform, a strategic bomber will be created, similar in concept to the American B-2 Spirit.

They want to use the Il-76 military transport aircraft as a flying laboratory to test the technologies of the Russian strategic bomber of the future, known as PAK DA.

According to Interfax, the engine for a promising long-range aviation complex (PAK DA) is being tested on an Il-76 military transport aircraft. “The flying laboratory based on IL-76 will be finalized to conduct flight tests of the engine of a promising long-range aviation complex,” the source said. - According to the contract, ground testing of the PAK DA engine on the Il-76 aircraft will begin at the end of 2020, and will be completed by the end of 2021. After that it will be possible to start flying. ”

Recall, according to the annual report of the United Engine Corporation for 2016, now in the interests of Tupolev, a marching propulsion engine for a new bomber is being created. Its characteristics are not known for certain.

In accordance with the requirements for the product, which can be seen in different documents, the engine must provide a flight lasting 30 hours, and also reliably perform its functions at air temperatures from minus 60 to plus 50 degrees. In addition, among the requirements called resistance to the influence of some damaging factors of a nuclear explosion.

Note that information on the new Russian bomber is generally relatively small. It is known that it will be based on the aerodynamic design of the “flying wing”, designed, among other things, to contribute to the less radar visibility of the machine. The aircraft will be subsonic and visually similar to the American B-2 and the promising B-21. The main armament of the PAK DA will probably be promising long-range cruise missiles.

Previously, data appeared on the development of the X-BD - an air-based missile, which, according to unofficial data, is capable of hitting a target at ranges of up to five thousand kilometers. In addition, they want to equip the aircraft with air-to-air missiles, which can be used for self-defense.

Among the possible aviation weapons are the latest guided bombs: they can become a cheaper alternative to expensive cruise missiles. In addition to all this, the bomber is considered as a platform for launching space rockets.

As the date of the first flight of the PAK YES, the media called the mid-2020s. Even earlier, the American “strategist” of the new generation, the aforementioned B-21, may rise into the sky. Note that work in this direction is being carried out in China. The Celestial Bomber is known under the designation H-20.

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