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Russian tanks arrived in Algeria: T-90 "conquers" North Africa

Algerian T-90SA -

Российские танки прибыли в Алжир: Т-90 «завоёвывает» Северную Африку — Новости политики, Новости России — EADaily

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T-90CA tanks continue to arrive in Algeria. One of the highways of a North African country recently noticed a convoy of tractors with trawls carrying Russian-made combat vehicles. About this today, January 10, writes the portal "Russian weapons".

The previous delivery of heavy armored vehicles took place in November last year. Currently, the Algerian Armed Forces have the second largest, after India, T-90 fleet (about 500 units).

The first "nineties" appeared in North Africa in the second half of the zero. Since they had to act in hot climates, the developers provided for the installation of powerful air conditioners. Also, according to some reports, the fire control system was finalized.

In 2016, tanks equipped with the Shtora-1 optoelectronic suppression systems began to be delivered. They neutralize anti-tank guided missiles of various types, other high-precision weapons, and also interfere with the normal operation of tank laser rangefinder sights.

T-90SA now form the basis of the armored units of the ground forces of Algeria. Also in service are the T-72M1 modernized with the help of Russia. They received the latest Sosna-U sights and closed machine gun mounts. At the same time, operation continues in the mechanized units of the Armed Forces of the Arab Republic and the old T-55AMV equipped with Kontakt dynamic protection and Volna fire control systems.

As repeatedly noted, the Algerian military love Russian tanks for their reliability and ease of operation, effective armor protection, good maneuverability and high firepower.

We will remind, earlier there were reports that Algeria will purchase 14 Russian newest Su-57 fighter-bombers and the same number of Su-34 front-line bombers. This was reported by the portal Menadefense. According to him, the corresponding contract is allegedly already concluded. It is estimated at $ 6 billion and will be executed until 2025.

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