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Russian ship designers show latest advanced naval platforms

Russian ship designers show latest advanced naval platforms | Jane's 360

Nikolai Novichkov, Moscow - Jane's Navy International

20 January 2020

A scale model of the proposed Project 11430E Lamantin-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Source: N Novichkov

Russian shipyards displayed scale models of new project developments during a meeting of Russian military officials and navy commanders in Sevastopol in early January.

Among the items on display was a scale model of a Kalibr-armed version of the Project 20386 medium-sized multi-capability surface combatant. The modified platform features a reinforced armament suite. Two eight-cell 3S-14 vertical launch systems (VLSs) for Kalibr, Tsirkon (Zircon) and Oniks missiles are mounted between the superstructure and the forward-mounted A-190-01 100 mm naval gun in a low-radar signature turret, while two eight-cell 3S.97 VLSs for Redut surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) are located in front of the gun. In addition, two new 57 mm guns capable of striking both aerial and small surface targets have replaced two aft-mounted AK-630 30 mm close-in weapon systems.

In order to incorporate a more powerful armament suite the designers have increased the length and displacement of the baseline ship. The bow features an additional section that incorporates the VLSs. The architecture of the hull's aft and cross-section remains unchanged.

The updated sensor suite also appears to be unchanged, comprising the Zaslon multipurpose radar. The Paket system will shore up the platform's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities.

Scale models of the Project 1143.5 Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier and a Project 11430E Lamantin-class aircraft carrier proposed by JSC Nevskoye Design Bureau and unveiled at the 2019 International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) were also showcased. "Compared to Admiral Kuznetsov , [ Lamantin ] will feature a larger displacement and a nuclear powerplant. It will also carry a drastically larger air wing," the Russian Navy's commander-in-chief Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov told Channel One.

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