Friday, 19 August 2016

Israeli air force seeks new training helicopter

Israel’s air force is in the final stages of selecting new rotorcraft for use by its flying academy, with the AgustaWestland AW119, Airbus Helicopters H125 and Bell Helicopter 407GXP the remaining contenders.
A selection is expected before the end of the year, with the service seeking a replacement for aged Bell 206s. After receiving basic instruction, cadets are transferred to squadrons equipped with transport or attack helicopters before commencing operational flying.
The Israel defence force is seeking to enter into a private finance initiative arrangement, via which a private company will buy the new helicopters and sell flight hours to the air force.
Elbit Systems has previously entered into several such contracts with the Israeli air force on fixed-wing trainers including the Grob Aircraft G120, and also with the Israeli police for its new H125s.

Agusta / AgustaWestland A119 / AW119 Koala

Light Utility Helicopter

The Agusta A119 respectively AW119 is a light eight-seat single-engine multi-purpose helicopter produced by the Italian manufacturer Agusta (today AgustaWestland).
The AW119 is a single-engine variant of the Agusta A109 / AW109 with skid landing gear instead of the retractable wheel landing gear.
6 - 7

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-37A

1 Turboshaft Engine
Engine Model
Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-37A
Engine Power
747 kW
1002 shp

278 km/h
150 kts
 173 mph
Service Ceiling
4.572 m
15.000 ft
1.013 km
547 NM
629 mi.

Empty Weight
1.430 kg
3.153 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight
2.720 kg
5.997 lbs

Rotor Blades (main/tail)
Main Rotor Diameter
10,83 m
35 ft 6 in
Tail Rotor Diameter
1,94 m
6 ft 4 in
Rotor Disc Area
92,1 m²
991 ft²
Length (Fuselage)
11,17 m
36 ft 8 in
13,01 m
42 ft 8 in
3,77 m
12 ft 4 in

First Flight
April 1995
Production Status
in production

Data for (Version)
Agusta A119
AW119 Ke (Koala enhanced)

H125 (formerly known as AS350)

The H125 AStar is a common sight at heliports, hospital landing pads, police department operations centers and airports across the United States. With built-in maneuverability, super visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the H125 has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse. The H125, outfitted with a FADEC-equipped 847-shp Turbomeca Arriel 2D, provides spacious cabin while boosting the speed up to 137 knots. The H125 offers the benefits of enhanced safety and reduced workload with the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) for pilots.

At a glance

Max weight: 5,225 lbs.
Capacity: 1 pilot + 5/6
Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Fast cruise: 137 kts.

External dimensions

Overall length with blade in front: 42.4 ft.
Minimum width with all blades: 35.1 ft.
Overall width with blades folded: 8.3 ft.

General data

Empty weight of standard aircraft: 2,816 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 5,225 lbs.
Useful load: 2,409 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight (with external load):6,172 lbs.
Usable fuel capacity (standard tank): 143 gal.
Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Cabin volume: 105.94 cu. ft.
Baggage compartment volume: 35.3 cu.ft.
Standard seating capacity: 1+5

*Performance data

Never exceed speed: 155 kts.
Fast cruise speed: 133 kts.
Maximum range (with no reserves): 336 nm.
Maximum endurance (with no reserves):
4.3 hrs.
Hover in ground effect ceiling (5 ft. skid height): 11,650 ft.
Hover out of ground effect ceiling: 9,450 ft.
Takeoff power: 847 shp.
Rate of climb: 1,773 fpm

Bell Helicopter 407GXP

The Bell 407GXP is a light, single-engine, commercial helicopter derived from the Bell 407GX offering performance improvements, payload increase (50-pound) and pilot workload reduction. The helicopter is powered by a single engine Rolls-Royce M250-C47B featuring Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC). The aircraft is also equipped with new avionics features such as a hover performance calculator improvement, as well as a transmission TBO extension of +500 hours that will lower maintenance costs. The Bell 407GXP suits corporate, Emergency Medical Service (EMS), homeland security and utility helicopter roles. Bell Helicopter launched this aircraft at Heli-Expo on March 3, 2015. Deliveries are slated to start before the end of 2015.

Rolls-Royce M250-C47B

Crew: 2
Main Rotor Blades: 4
Number of Engines: 1
Passengers: 5
Height: 3.30 meter (130 inch)
Length: 10.6 meter (416 inch)
Main Rotor Diameter: 10.7 meter (420 inch)
Width: 2.47 meter (97 inch)
Ceiling: 6,096 meter (20,000 foot)
Max Range: 612 kilometer (330 nautical mile)
Max Power at TakeOff: 701 shp
Cruise Speed: 219 kph (136 mph)
Top Speed at High Altitude: 252 kph (157 mph)
Flight Endurance: 4.50 hour (270 minute)
Max Takeoff Weight: 2,722 kilogram (6,001 pound)

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