Monday, 11 June 2018

IMS, IAI develop missile undetected by enemy

Two of Israel's big military industries have developed a new air-to-surface missile designed to be launched merely 150 km from the target, making the missile undetectable by the enemy's forces; the IAF is likely to purchase the missile to improve its surgical high-precision strikes with minimum collateral damage.

Yoav Zitun|Published:  06.11.18 , 09:12

The Israel Military Industries (IMS) and the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are currently at the final development stages of a new air-to-surface missile—the Rampage.

The "Rampage" missile is designed to be launched from a fighter jet 150 km away from the target, meaning it will not be detected by the enemy's detection and interception systems.....Continue reading: HERE

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