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China tested a missile capable of reaching anywhere in the United States

JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile

China tested a missile capable of reaching anywhere in the United States

BEIJING, (BM) – A submarine of the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army of China has tested a ballistic missile, which can reach anywhere in the United States. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing a source in the Pentagon, learned

The latest JL-3 rocket was tested from a Jin-class nuclear-powered submarine from Bohai Bay (northwestern Yellow Sea) on Sunday, December 22. The start was recorded by American intelligence satellites, which tracked the missile throughout the flight in a westerly direction.

Other launch details are not reported. The publication indicates that the tests were conducted against the backdrop of reports that US intelligence expects the launch of long-range missiles in the DPRK.

In November last year, China successfully conducted the first test of a ballistic missile submarine (SLBM) Julong-3 (JL-3). The projectile was created on the basis of an intercontinental ballistic missile ground-based DF-41. It is compared with the American Trident II D-5 missile and the Russian P-30 Bulava-30. The maximum range of SLBMs is 14 thousand kilometers.

Ju Lang 3 (Giant Wave 3)

The Ju Lang 3 (Giant Wave 3), or JL-3 for short, is a new Chinese submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missile, which is currently being developed. The first test launch occurred in 2018. Though China's authorities have not publicly confirmed the test. It is planned that the JL-3 missiles will be carried by the new China's Type 096 ballistic missile submarines. Some sources report that these submarines are being constructed already and should begin sea trials in the early 2020s.

   The JL-3 is a solid-fuel missile. Most likely that it has broadly similar dimensions as the previous JL-2.

   It has an estimated range of over 9 000 km. It is a considerable range extension over the previous JL-2 missile, that is currently carried by China's Type 094 (Western reporting name Jin class) ballistic missile submarines. Such range allows the Chinese boats to hold US territory within missile range, while operating from Chinese costal waters. This range is also sufficient to reach all areas of Europe, India, and Russia.

   There is no reliable information on warhead of this missile. It is possible that this missile carries either a single 250-1 000 kT warhead, or a couple of low-yield Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs).

   The JL-3 has astro-inertial navigation system with indigenous Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system update. So the new missile is pretty accurate. Its CEP should be no more than 100 m.

   This missile astro-inertial  navigation system with indigenous Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system. It is estimated that this missiles has a CEP of less than 100 m.

   Once China has been attacked, these submarine-launched missiles have a high probability of surviving the first strike. Once on high alert the submarines can leave their bases and operate in China's coastal water, protected by the China's fleet. Source:

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