Friday, 13 December 2019

Romanian deputies endorse purchase of five more F-16 fighters

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Romanian deputies endorse purchase of five more F16 fighters | Romania Insider

Romania’s Chamber of Deputies endorsed the payment for five more F-16 jet fighters, reported.

Defense minister Nicolae Ciucă informed in the Chamber that the program for the procurement of multi-role aircraft was approved by the Supreme Defence Council CSAT and is included among his ministry’s key programs.

He stressed that the project also provides the framework for technology transfer in Romania. Romania received an offer from Portugal for five more F16 fighters and has to give an answer by the end of this year, which is why the defense minister called on the Parliament to quickly endorse the purchase.

This project also provides the framework for the transfer of knowledge and technology in Romania. Local company Aerostar Bacau will be completely refurbish the third of the five aircraft, under Portuguese supervision.

Starting with the fourth aircraft, the others will be 100% upgraded by the Romanian company, thus ensuring the framework that all the modernization of the F16 aircraft is done in Romania and also the maintenance on the F16 aircraft will be provided by Aerostar Bacau factory, Ciucă said.

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