Sunday, 8 December 2019

Israeli fighters fleeing the Russian Su-35 ... again

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Israeli fighters fleeing the Russian Su-35 ... again:

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The Russian Su-35 chased Israeli fighters, forcing the latter to flee.

Another attempt by the Israeli air force to strike at Syria ended in shame for Tel Aviv - the country, which considers itself the most powerful in the Middle East, was disgraced, as Israeli pilots had to flee the Russian Su-35.

According to Syrian Military Capabilities, the Israeli Air Force, not coordinating the strikes on Syria with Moscow, became the “victims” of Russian combat aircraft that flew to intercept them. At the moment, it is known that two Russian fighters were urgently lifted from the Khmeimim airbase into the air, which initially went east and south-east, however, after a few minutes, these combat aircraft were spotted over southern Syria.


This is not the first flight that nearly ended with the interception and possible loss of its aircraft for Israel (in the case of the use of Russian and Syrian air defense systems - approx. Ed.), But, obviously, this fact indicates that Russian air defense systems are closely monitored airspace over southern Syria, not allowing Israel to use it for its aggressive and violating international law actions.

Experts do not exclude that in the case of Israel’s persistence, Russia can indeed provide the Syrian military with the right to use the S-300 against Israeli aircraft, shooting down violators without warning.

Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria trying to attack unknown planes

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