Sunday, 2 October 2016

First Thai passenger plane lands at Iran airport

TEHRAN, 9 hours, 14 minutes ago
Thai Airways landed its first passenger flight on the Imam Khomeini International Airport yesterday (October 1), marking the 56th foreign airliner using Tehran's newly established airport, a report said.

The airlines, which flew a Boeing 777-200 from Bangkok to Tehran, will have four flights weekly on the route, regional director of Thai Airways International Prin Yooprasert was quoted as saying in the Irna report.

“We hope to operate the flights on a daily basis,” he said.

Iran's Mahan Airline Company currently operates six flights each week via the same route, according to the report.

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Typical passenger load (3-classes)
Thai Airways (2-classes) = 292
Cargo loading standard
5,302 cu.ft.(150 cu.m
7,725 nmi (14,305 km)
Number of engine
Engine types / Thrust
P W 4090 / 90,000 lb
RR Trent 895 / 93,400 lb
GE 90-94B / 93,700 lb
Wing Span
60.9 m (199 ft. 11 in.)
209 ft 1 in (63.7 m)
60 ft 9 in (18.5 m)
operating speed
0.84 mach
Max.take off weight
649,991 lbs (294,835 kg)
Max.landing weight
208,652kgs (459,869 lbs)
Operating empty weight
138,119 kgs
Max.fuel capacity
45,220 (171,160 L)