Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Obama Rumored to Order a Major Military Event that Will Shock the World

That rumor appears in this broadcast at 3:10 in. The source is a special ops person who says no more than that Obama is going to order a major military event that will shock the world.

I usually do not propagate rumors or assess events too quickly. In this case, because world war hangs in the balance I am passing this along on the hope that public airing might set off a chain of questioning and widespread public responses of disapproval that could stop a rash event from occurring. In addition, rumors and possibilities of government-created dangers like this highlight that the U.S. government has altogether too much power in all respects, as do most governments, and that this situation cries out for remedies worldwide.
Coming so soon after his Friday meeting on military options, this rumor has some plausibility. Remember that Obama has been itching to bomb the Syrian military and infrastructure ever since 2013. Remember also that Obama has a “knife-edged” decision-making personality. He can swing wildly from one extreme to another depending upon some factor that happens to strike his fancy and looms large in his impossible-to-assess decision-making processes.
If Obama suddenly does a 180-turn and bombs Syria, the excuse could be Aleppo and humanitarian concerns. This has already been a constant U.S. propaganda refrain as the Syrian forces made headway in Aleppo but also elsewhere in Syria, bringing the end of the war on Assad’s terms in view. Such an excuse would be completely phony. If this act occurs, it simply carries on the incredibly stupid and destructive neocon agenda of attempted world domination by the U.S.
The consequences of such an attack would be counter-moves by Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. During such an attack, Russian air defenses already in Syria would come into play. This implies a dire escalation and even war between two nuclear powers.
This is all speculation. Obama or any president can stir up major trouble anywhere in the world. It doesn’t even have to be in Syria.
12:35 pm on October 17, 2016

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