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Kolomna Plant new Diesel 16SD500 to replace the previous generation of ship D49 diesel engines

Experts: Kolomna diesel D500 will replace on ships D49

November 23, 2018

Diesel 16SD500, the ship version of the D500 engine developed and manufactured by the Kolomna Plant, will be able to replace the previous generation of ship diesel engines based on the D49 diesel. About this Mil.Press FlotProm told a source in the VUNC Navy. Now 16SD500 continues to test.

The source called the D500 a modern diesel engine. 

According to him, the ship version of the D500 will open up to the fleet a number of new features due to the greater power and more modern design. The Navy is already considering several options for promising warships for D500 diesel, he added. 

The specialist also noted that the D500 is similar in form factor to the diesel engines of the German MTU. 

“The piston stroke has been increased, which improves efficiency and improves operational performance,” said an officer at the VUNTs Navy. "In addition, the new diesel is bringing us closer to electric propulsion."

"According to a publication source in the engine-building industry, the main drawback of the D500 is a large import dependence due to the abundance of foreign components. The interlocutor of Mil.Press FlotProm expressed the hope that it will be possible to fix it in the coming years."

The journalist of the publication failed to promptly clarify the state of the D500 tests at the Kolomna Plant. The press service of the company recommended to address this issue in December. A source at the plant said that diesel could be submitted before the end of the year. 

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Kolomna Plant is implementing a project to create new engines together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The company presented the ship version of the D500, 16-cylinder 16SD500, as part of the line of new diesel engines at the forum "Army-2018". 

Dmitry Zhavoronkov 


16SD500 diesel engine

Turbocharged engine 16ChN26,5/31 with charge air cooling is intended for use in main propulsion plant to drive propeller via gearbox as well as to drive generator in electric ships.

Kolomensky Zavod

Diesel geared unit 1DRA6000

Diesel geared unit 1DRA6000 of a patrol ship’s main powerplant. Designed by Kolomensky Zavod - Andrey Sergeyev, Mil.Press Today

Diesel-gearbox set 1DRA6000 included in the main propulsion power plant of guard ship (corvette) is intended to drive fixed pitch propeller.

The set includes:
  • packaged diesel engine 16ChN26/26;
  • spring to connect engine with reduction gear;
  • 1-speed reduction gear;
  • vibration isolating compensating coupling to connect reduction gear with propeller shafting;
  • local control system.
Kolomensky Zavod

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