Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Do not speculate about RM300 million helicopter purchase, Mat Sabu said

Steve Trimble

Jangan spekulasi isu pembelian helikopter RM300 juta, kata Mat Sabu | Free Malaysia Today

Translated by google - PETALING JAYA: Defense Minister Mohamad Sabu has called for speculation about the issue of RM300 million in lightweight US-made combat helicopter that has yet to be received by the Malaysian Armed Forces being halted as it will interfere with the investigation.

He reminded the special investigative committee on governance, procurement and finance issues that the country still conducts investigations on the Ministry of Defense's procurement and finance issues.

"Unrelated parties should not speculate on any issues being investigated by committees such as helicopter purchases, as it will interfere with the investigation process," he said in his statement today.

He said the Defense Ministry (Kementah) would extend the proceeds of the investigation into the purchase of 6 Little Birds, or MD530G to the Cabinet before reporting to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police for further action.

"As a result of an investigation into land swap issues before," he said.

Earlier, FMT learned that the 6 MD530Gs issued by US aerospace giant MD Helicopters, McDonnel Douglas were ordered by Kementah, led by Hishammuddin Hussein at that time.

A contract was signed in November 2016 stipulating that the helicopter will be delivered in 2 groups. The 2nd group is scheduled to arrive last year.

The local company appointed as MD Helicopters agent has paid 35% of the contract value, amounting to approximately RM113 million.

MD 530G scout attack helicopter: Details

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