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Readiness to transfer MiG-35 technology to India


Readiness to transfer MiG-35 technology to India ”Military Review

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In the Indian edition of Financial Express, there is an article by the author Huma Siddikvi, where the information on the proposal from Russia on the acquisition of MiG-35 fighters is specified. The article presents an interview with the general director of the RSK MiG corporation Ilya Tarasenko.

It is noted that the Russian company is participating in a tender for the supply of aircraft for the needs of the Indian Air Force through Rosoboronexport. It is especially emphasized that MiG guarantees New Delhi the full compliance of a possible contract to the “Make in India” program, which is being promoted by the Indian government. 

From the interview :

The Russian aviation complex, which is the MiG-35, allows the use of the entire spectrum of aviation weapons , both existing and future, of Russian or foreign origin, including those intended for heavy fighters.

Tarasenko notes that the MiG has been on the Indian arms market for about half a century. 

At the moment, with the Indian side, possible options for cooperation under the “Make in India” program regarding the MiG-35 are being discussed.

If the contract is ready for signing, of course, with the consent of our Indian partners, we will be able to disclose additional information about the parameters of our offer.

Huma Siddiqui asks Ilya Tarasenko about the company's readiness to transfer India's key technologies for creating light MiG-35 fighters. 

Answer Tarasenko:

Of course, we are ready for this. We fully understand the desire of India to become one of the first importers of defense products, abandoning an order to purchase not only standard systems that are already in mass production, but also modern systems designed in accordance with the individual requirements of India.

The Director General of RSK MiG adds:

Our first production under license was established here in India, back in the 1960s, when production of the MiG-21 fighter began in India. Since then, India has created many lines of defense products of Soviet and Russian design. In fact, Russia proposed an option for the Make in India program almost half a century ago, long before it became a well-established trend.

Tarasenko noted that the company he heads is ready to transfer technology and relevant documentation to partner enterprises.

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