Monday, 27 May 2019

Production of 100 Mi-28NM helicopters for VKS began in Rostov


Production of 100 Mi-28NM helicopters for VKS began in Rostov - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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Production of 100 Mi-28NM helicopters began in Rostov-on-Don. Up to 2027, the upgraded "Night Hunters" will be delivered to the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation.

“The Supreme Commander decided to put 100 vehicles into the troops until 2027, the first vehicles were put into production, ” Deputy Minister Alexei Krivoruchko told Zvezda .

In addition, the existing fleet of army aviation helicopters will be equipped with modern airborne defense complexes and means of destruction of increased range. This is a new anti-tank guided missile "Chrysanthemum-M" with a dual-channel guidance system. The use of this rocket will increase the range of destruction of armored targets to 10 kilometers, while the existing “Attack” hits six kilometers. Note that these missiles are installed on the export version of the Night Hunter, shown at the international forum Army-2018.

However, the main difference between the Mi-28NM and the previous version, in addition to the perimeter radar of the circular view, is the duplicated control system - if necessary, the pilot can also pilot the helicopter. In addition, the helicopter can now interact with UAVs in flight and remotely control drones.

The upgrade also affected engine power and blades, due to which flight performance improved in high-altitude and hot climates. The helicopter's cruising speed has increased and the possibilities for performing complex aerobatic maneuvers in flight have expanded. In March, there were reports that the latest Mi-28NM were tested in the sky in Syria .

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