Thursday, 16 May 2019

Putin announced a contract for the purchase of 76 Su-57 fighters

Vadim Savitsky

Putin announced a contract for the purchase of 76 Su-57 fighters -

Translated by google - Sochi. May 15. INTERFAX-AVN - President Vladimir Putin hopes that in the near future a contract will be signed for the supply of 76 Su-57 fighter jets, which can be purchased by reducing the cost by 20%.

      "The armaments program planned to buy 16 such aircraft until 2027 (Su-57-IF). Analyzed yesterday the situation, the minister reported that as a result of the work done, as a result of our agreement with the industry, industry actually reduced the vehicles, and weapons, we have the opportunity to buy much more combat vehicles of this class and in fact a new generation, "- said Putin at a meeting on military issues.

     The president added: "It was agreed that we will purchase 76 such aircraft over the same period of time without increasing the cost."

     The President expressed the hope that "the adjusted plans will be executed and in the near future a contract will be signed for a comprehensive supply of 76 such fighters."

     Su-57 (Advanced Aviation Complex of Frontal Aviation (PAK FA), T-50) is a fifth-generation Russian multi-role fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It is designed to destroy all types of air targets in long-range and close combat, defeat enemy ground and surface targets, overcoming the enemy’s air defense systems, monitoring the airspace at a large distance from the basing site, and destroying the control system for enemy aviation operations.

     The first flight of the PAK FA took place on January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

     During the forum "Army-2018", a contract was signed for the supply of the first two Su-57 planes to the Defense Ministry, and in the short term, the Russian Federation Air Force Fighter will be replenished with 15 fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

     Su-57 fighters of the installation batch will be produced in serial form, but with the engines of the previous generation. The engine of the "second stage" (product 30), which will provide the Su-57 supersonic cruising speed, began flight tests in December 2017. It is expected that its testing program will be completed in five years, and from 2023 serial deliveries of aircraft with new engines will begin.

     UAC President Yury Slyusar said earlier that the newest fighters showed themselves well during the operation of the Russian HQs in Syria. "Were in Syria, received the so-called baptism of fire, all tasks were accomplished both by aircraft and by armament, which was used. The characteristics laid down were confirmed," Slyusar told Interfax in August 2018.

     In September 2018, Boris Obnosov, director general of the Tactical Missile Armament (KTRV) corporation, told Interfax that the Su-57 would receive the ultra-long-range R-37M hypersonic missile.

     In addition, according to the source agency, the Su-57 has already tested weapons located in the internal compartments. The intraflight placement of weapons is one of the requirements for the fifth generation of fighter aircraft.

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