Monday, 13 May 2019

Creation of the first Russian nuclear aircraft carrier will begin in 2023

Создание первого российского атомного авианосца начнется в 2023 году - ОРУЖИЕ РОССИИ Информационное агентство

Translated by google - Research and development (R & D) to create the first Russian nuclear aircraft carrier will begin in 2023, they are included in the state armament program. This was announced on Tuesday Tass source in the shipbuilding industry. 

"R & D on the new aircraft carrier is included in the current state armaments program until 2027 and will begin in 2023," the agency’s source said.

He clarified that "the ship will have a nuclear power plant and a displacement of about 70 thousand tons."

The United Shipbuilding Corporation ( USC ) told TASS that so far "they have not received any specific tactical-technical design specifications for this ship from the Russian Defense Ministry." At the same time, the corporation noted that they did not stop developing proposals for promising ships, including the aircraft carrier. "In the case of receipt of such an order from the military department, the enterprises of the corporation will be ready to implement it," the USC added.

The Russian Navy previously stated that the Russian fleet expects to receive a promising aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant by the end of 2030. The Defense Ministry noted that a contract for the construction of an aircraft carrier could be signed by the end of 2025.

Now in the Russian fleet there is one aircraft carrier - the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with a non-nuclear power plant. It is undergoing renovation with modernization and should be back in operation in 2021.

The Soviet Union began the construction of the Ulyanovsk nuclear aircraft carrier at a shipyard in Nikolaev, but because of the collapse of the country, work was stopped and the case was partially dismantled for metal.


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