Saturday, 14 September 2019

Russian fighters three times went to intercept Israeli fighters, threatening to open fire

Российские истребители трижды отправлялись на перехват израильских истребителей, угрожая открытием огня:

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Israeli fighters are intercepted three times by Russian military aircraft in the sky over Syria.

Despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the Israeli military is constantly in contact with the Russian military during special operations in Syria, it became known that in reality, Israeli fighters were intercepted at least three times by Russian military by air.

“Russia recently prevented several Israeli attacks on objects belonging to the Syrian authorities, sending Russian fighters to intercept them and threatening to bring down Israeli combat aircraft . This has happened twice in the last period. About a week later, Russia also prevented another attack on the Syrian military’s position in the Kuneitra region , ” Independent Arabia reports.

Earlier, it was actually reported that the Russian Air Force intercepted Israeli military aircraft during unauthorized attacks on Syria, which indicates that Israel is taking its own initiative without devoting Russia to it.

It is noteworthy that the publication reports that the Russian air force threatened to destroy Israeli pilots if the latter refused to obey instructions.

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