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Russians don't shoot down F-22 and F-35s, Russians just burn electronics

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Русские не сбивают F-35, русские просто жгут электронику - Аргументы Недели

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The effectiveness of a breakthrough of any air defense frontier is, first of all, based on the thoroughness of preliminary reconnaissance. Best reconnaissance in battle. 

They launched a couple of unmanned kamikaze drones on the target and carefully scanned the ether, detailing the nature of the reaction of the anti-aircraft gunners. What has turned on there, where, when, in what ranges, with what characteristics, in what order. Where they used tracking radars, where - guidance stations, how they captured the target, how they drove, how they shot down.

Then these data form the basis of the settings of your own electronic warfare equipment and tactical methods of breaking through strike groups, as well as the choice of specific ammunition for hitting a target.

The Russian air force base in Syrian Khmeimim and the naval base in Tartus , in this sense, serves as a testing ground not only for testing Russian weapons, but is also a very attractive object of interest for "our foreign partners." There, in neutral space, the P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft and the RC-135W electronic reconnaissance aircraft from the Suda Bay air base in Crete constantly hang out.

And then the unexpected happened. As reported by the major American analytical magazine The National Interest, during the reflection of another massive raid on Hmeymim barmaleyskih drones, including in the Russian equipment EW critically injured onboard electronics, as the source said, "happened to be close to" F-35 fighters and F-22 . Pilots with great difficulty managed to return the "extremely poorly obeying control" of the car home.

The most unpleasant thing for American experts was that both aircraft belong to the class of the most technologically advanced weapons, and the REB 1RL257 Krasuha 4 station (pictured) , which was adopted by the Russian army in 2013 and was developed earlier , broke down on them . Officially, the program of its state tests ended in 2011. So, theoretically, both the F-22 and, especially, the newest F-35 should have been guaranteed to have, if not invulnerability, then in any case sufficient combat stability.

However, an oops happened. What is most fun, according to the Americans, is not even focused. According to them, the Russian radars from their position of the area of ​​barrage of American fighters could not see, and therefore could not influence them deliberately. Well, they shouldn't have. They generally dealt with the direct attack of drones .

Funnily enough, the F-22 was American, and the F-35 was from the Israeli Air Force. But it went to both. The Russians didn’t bring them down, no. Just burned high quality. And no complaints can be made.


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1RL257 Krasukha-4: Details

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