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"Do not throw words to the wind." Tests of "Almaty" will be completed in 2020

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"Не бросаем слов на ветер". Испытания "Арматы" завершат в 2020 году - Радио Sputnik, 04.02.2020

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Tests of the tank on the Armata platform should be completed this year, said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. This news was rated on air of Sputnik radio by military expert Viktor Baranets.

State tests of the tank on the Armata platform are planned to be completed this year, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"According to the test results, the Russian Ministry of Defense will determine the timing of delivery of mass-produced equipment to military units," Manturov said.

He noted that 2020 is a special year for domestic tank building: Russia celebrates the 100th anniversary of the industry.

"In 1920, the first Soviet tank" Freedom Fighter comrade Lenin ". The celebration of the anniversary this year, when the tests of" Almaty ", the great-great-grandson of the first Soviet tank, will be especially symbolic," the minister added.

On Radio Sputnik, the news was appreciated by a military observer for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, retired colonel Viktor Baranets.

“This is good news. In recent months, the West has been practicing vile remarks about“ Almaty. ”If Manturov’s words come true, the world will see that Russia is not throwing words, its words are not at odds with the latest T-14 supertank Russia has it. In the West, different assessments of this unique tank are heard. There are a lot of praises, the Germans grabbed their heads and began to urgently build a cannon of such a caliber to penetrate Armata armor. Some designers followed the path of the Russians and began to develop a capsule modification tank, coh and combat crew is separate from the ammunition. I'm not talking about the most powerful engine "Almaty was" and attachments. There is a system of "Afghani"

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko reported that preliminary tests of the T-14 tank and the T-15 infantry fighting vehicle on the Armata platform were completed.

The T-14 Armata, the world's only tank of the third post-war generation, is designed to conduct combat in direct contact with the enemy, support the advance of motorized rifle units, fortifications, enemy manpower, located in shelters and in open areas.

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