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Russian MiG-35 fighter taught to land in unmanned mode

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Russian MiG-35 fighter taught to land in unmanned mode

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Natalia Mayorova

09:23 02.21.2020

This system is planned to be implemented both in modern and perspective MiG brand aviation systems.

The latest Russian MiG-35 fighters will be able to land in unmanned mode. Corresponding technology has already been created. This was reported in the press service of the MiG Corporation, which is part of the United Aircraft Corporation.

So, the MiG engineers managed to get a patent for an automatic control system for an airplane at approach. This digital system is aimed at improving the safety of piloting in difficult weather conditions, which allows pilots to go to the glide path in automatic mode and in less time. Moreover, it allows to continue the decline until the appearance of visibility.

“The new technology will find its application in the MiG-29M / M2 and MiG-35 aircraft,” the report said.

According to the CEO of the corporation, Ilya Tarasenko, it is planned to introduce this system in both modern and promising MiG-brand aviation systems. Work is currently underway.

“One of the main priorities of our engineers is the safety and maximum efficiency of the use of aircraft,” Tarasenko added.

It is also reported that the new development includes a number of innovative units, drives and systems, including a navigation and measuring complex. 

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