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What Admiral Kasatonov is capable of. Unique shots of the first Russian frigate

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What Admiral Kasatonov is capable of. Unique shots of the first Russian frigate - Hi-Tech Mail.ru

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This is one of the final stages of frigate preparation before it enters the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation.

At this stage, the frigate Admiral Kasatonov passed the test of electronic warfare systems. The ship and crew practiced the setting of false targets and passive interference, which should bring down high-precision shells of a conditional enemy.

The frigate "Admiral of the Kasatonov fleet" is a huge patrol ship 135 meters long. It belongs to the class of universal and multifunctional ships that can sail autonomously for up to 30 days and fight in three directions - with the enemy on water, under water and in the air.

The ship is equipped with the Poliment-Redut anti-aircraft missile system, Caliber and Onyx cruise missiles and sonar systems. Thanks to its wide arsenal, it can destroy any object at a distance of up to 1.5 thousand kilometers.

In order to fight with strelkovoy weapons on the frigate installed a station of visual-optical interference 5P-42 called "Eagle Owl" - it creates the effect of "blinding" the enemy. Fluctuations in low-frequency brightness cause irritation of the organs of vision in people, which prevents them from conducting targeted fire.

Tests of the frigate Admiral Kasatonov began in November 2019. The Northern Fleet in several stages conducts testing and verification of all ship systems - control, navigation, weapons. Tests are conducted on the first and so far the only instance of a ship of this class.

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