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Sources: A prototype hypersonic missile designed for the Su-57

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Sources: A prototype hypersonic missile designed for the Su-57 - Army and defense industry - TASS

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The rocket has not yet been tested with the carrier aircraft. Her characteristics are not disclosed

MOSCOW, February 23. / TASS /. A small-sized inboard fuselage hypersonic missile was developed for the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57, a prototype of ammunition was created. This was reported on Sunday by TASS sources in the military-industrial complex.

"The enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex have created a prototype of a small-sized air-to-surface hypersonic missile for intra-fuselable deployment on the Su-57 fighter," said one of the agency’s interlocutors.

Another source confirmed the creation of the prototype and clarified that "the rocket has not yet been tested with the carrier aircraft." The interlocutors did not disclose the characteristics of the latest ammunition.

TASS does not have official confirmation of the information provided by the sources.

In December 2018, another source in the defense industry told TASS that, within the framework of the state armament program for 2018-2027, the Su-57 is planned to be equipped with a missile with characteristics similar to hypersonic missiles of the Dagger airline complex, but with an inside fuselage.


As previously noted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia today is the only one in the world that has hypersonic weapons. In particular, according to the Ministry of Defense, the squadron of MiG-31K fighters with hypersonic missiles (the Dagger aviation complex) is on pilot combat duty in the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Vanguard strategic missile complex with winged gliding hypersonic unit has entered combat alert, a complex is being created Sea-based hypersonic cruise missile Zircon.

At present, the main criterion that makes it possible to attribute missiles or aircraft to hypersonic ones is their ability to perform a long controlled flight in the atmosphere at a speed of five or more speeds of sound.

The fifth generation fighter Su-57 is designed to destroy all types of air, ground and surface targets. The aircraft has a supersonic cruising flight speed, intra-body armament, radio-absorbing coating (stealth technology), as well as the latest complex of on-board equipment.

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