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Sohu: Russia is preparing to get the fastest fighter in the world

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Sohu: Russia is preparing to get the fastest fighter in the world | news

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Russian designers are developing an weapons system capable of intercepting hypersonic targets. The Russian Ministry of Defense decided to develop the MiG-41 interceptor, capable of shooting down hypersonic missiles, as well as effectively counteract enemy supersonic aircraft. The speed of the MiG-41 interceptor can reach 5 Machs, which is twice the speed of the Chinese J-20 fighter (Mach 2.8). This is described in an article by the Chinese edition of Sohu. The translation of this material is exclusively provided by PolitRussia.

Russia currently uses the MiG-31, which reaches speeds of Mach 2.83, capable of intercepting enemy bombers and cruise missiles. It plays a very important role in ensuring the country's security.

The MiG-31 at one time “retired” the American strategic supersonic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 Blackbird, which during the tests could also accelerate to 2.8 M. In addition, the US tested the YF-12, which accelerated during the tests up to 3.31 M. But, apparently, Russia is preparing to squeeze the fastest fighters of American representatives off the podium.

The MiG-41 is a fifth-generation covert interceptor developed by the Russian MiG corporation, which is completely independent of the Su-57, which is currently being prepared to enter the arsenal of the Russian aerospace forces. The general director of JSC Russian Aircraft Building Corporation MiG Ilya Tarasenko said that the MiG-41 is a long-term project of the company, which is currently under development.

A new interceptor fighter is being developed to counter unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as enemy supersonic aircraft. Its maximum speed can reach 4-5 Machs, and the radius of action can be 1,500 kilometers (the combat radius of the MiG-31 is 700 kilometers).

In addition, the MiG-41 fighter can perform combat missions in space. He will be able to overtake the US-developed hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft SR-72, sending him on a well-deserved rest, as was the case with the MiG-31 and SR-71. It is expected that this promising fifth-generation fighter will make its first flight in 2025 and will be ready for use by Russian aerospace forces around 2040.

The MiG-41 interceptor also has the code name PAK DP, and, according to information published by the MiG corporation, the coordination of its appearance was completed at the end of 2019, and now the designers have entered the phase of experimental design. The interceptor fighter will be equipped with a medium-range air-to-air missile R-77M. After launch, the rocket can independently search and attack targets using an active warhead and its own independent radar system.

The MiG-41 interceptor is also called the "promising long-range interception aircraft", which means that Russia will not only develop the MiG-41 interceptor and its accompanying R-77M medium-range missile, but also a new airspace protection system. According to some reports, the unmanned version of the MiG-41 will become a sixth generation fighter, which will also serve in 2040 simultaneously with the version of the MiG-41 interceptor.

Earlier, the project of a new Russian aircraft was evaluated by American experts. Russian interceptor fighters are among the best in the world, the Americans say. Experts believe that the next-generation long-range interceptor will be positioned as a fighter designed to intercept and destroy air targets over Russian territory. His greatest strength will be speed.

Author: Artyom Shishkov

MiG-41 Interceptor To Be Ready By 2020
Materials on the PAK DP/MiG-41 have been submitted to the Ministry of Defense

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