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In Zhukovsky prepared for testing an improved "flying wing"

In Zhukovsky prepared for testing an improved "flying wing"

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Andrey Arkadiev

12:40 03/17/2020

Work continues on creating a promising long-range aircraft in the “Flying Wing” (LC) scheme with a combined wing and fuselage.

© Photo: TsAGI

TsAGI specialists prepared for testing an improved aerodynamic model of the aircraft in the “Flying Wing” design. This was reported in the press service of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky.

“Flying wing” (LC) refers to the layout of the aircraft, in which the wing and fuselage represent a single aerodynamic surface. The report said that research on the formation of the appearance of the passenger liner has been ongoing for several years. Earlier, TsAGI wind tunnels tested a special thematic model with various options for the location of engines and tail geometry.

© Photo: TsAGI

"The experiments showed adverse interference with the upper position of the engine nacelles," - stated in the message.

Then, scientists continued to optimize the aerodynamic layout of the aircraft and eliminate the adverse effects of the interaction of nacelles, pylons and wing.

“The fuselage is clearly distinguished in the new configuration, which allows increasing passenger capacity and favorably affects aerodynamic interference with engines on the upper surface of the center section,” said Ivan Chernyshev, head of the department of aerodynamics of aircraft and missiles of TsAGI.

Experts of the Institute's pilot production embodied a promising layout in metal - steel and aluminum alloys. The model has a length of more than a meter and a wingspan of 1.8 meters. The design of the product is monolithic, it is a massive center wing with wing consoles docked to it and a V-shaped twin keel tail. 

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