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Northern Shipyard: Corvette "Retivyi" project 20380 being built

Northern Shipyard: corvette corps "Retivyi" was formed

St. Petersburg, October 4, 2017

Shipbuilding plant Severnaya Verf (part of JSC "USC") has completed the formation of Corvette Corps "Retivy" project 20380. Shipbuilders are preparing to load equipment.

Project manager 20380, 20385, 20386 Igor Danilov said that the hull of the ship consists of about one hundred welded sections. Now, on the corvette, the workers are completing the installation of mortars and brackets for the gross lines, in order to proceed with the installation of propeller shafts. Two diesel generators were loaded. Work is underway to prepare the compartments and spaces of the ship for the loading of equipment - the pumping group and air conditioners.

The launch of the "Retivy" corvette is planned for the second quarter of 2019. The transfer of the corvette to military seamen should take place in 2020.

At the moment, the Northern Shipyard is building five corvettes for the Russian Navy: Gremyashchy and Agile (Project 20385), Retvy and Stern (Project 20380), Derzky (Project 20386). The designer of all the corvettes is the CMKB Almaz, a leading developer of surface warships for small and medium displacement.

Multipurpose corvettes are designed to detect and destroy submarines and surface ships of the enemy, to provide assault landing, as well as to solve various tasks in the near sea zone. On ships there are radar, artillery, missile and antisubmarine complexes. For the first time on a ship of such a small displacement, a hangar is installed, in which a Ka-27 helicopter can be deployed. Corvettes are built using unique technologies that reduce their radar visibility. Thanks to the original architecture and the use of composite materials in combination with special coatings built into the body of rocket weapons and antenna posts, radar, acoustic and optical visibility is significantly reduced in the corvettes. Composite materials and alloys are developed by one of the world leaders in the creation of new materials - the St. Petersburg FSUE CRI KM Prometey, and the construction of a superstructure for the corvettes is carried out at the Middle Nevsky Shipyard. The experience of operating the previously built North Shipyard of four corvettes of the project 20380 (Steregushchy, Sobobrivitelny, Boikiy and Stoiky) confirmed the correctness of the use of these materials and basic design decisions.

The main characteristics of the project corvettes 20380:

• Displacement - 2200 tons.
• Length - 104 m
• Width - 13 m
• Speed ​​- up to 27 knots
• Cruising range - 3,500 miles
• Autonomy - 15 days
• Crew - 99 people.

The main power plant:
• Two diesel-diesel units 1DDA-12000
• Artillery armament: 100-mm artillery installation A-190, two 30-mm antiaircraft gun AK-630M
• Universal missile system "Uran"
• Anti-aircraft missile system "Redut"
• Antisubmarine weapons: the "Package" complex
• Aviation armament: anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27

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