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Russia future aircraft carrier "Storm" Project 23000 can dramatically change the balance in three regions of the world 

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Aircraft carrier "Storm" will change the balance in three regions of the world  

The Russian prospective aircraft carrier of the Storm project will become the world's first marine carrier of the fifth generation aircraft, which will give the Russian Navy a  strategic advantage over any other fleet. In addition, the presence of a Russian ship of this class can seriously change the balance of power in three regions of the planet, which are now attracted by the attention of the world's leading powers: the Arctic, the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

"If Russia's military-political relations in the Persian Gulf are strengthened, as now, the presence of a large aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean will be a symbol of support for Russian allies and will ensure the safety of cargo delivery for them," the authors of the article published in the journal Military Watch believe. 

The aircraft carrier "Storm" will be adapted to work in the Arctic Circle. His arrival in the Arctic will give the Russian military an indisputable advantage over all other countries claiming natural resources hidden under ice. If the aircraft carrier becomes the key to them, he will undoubtedly pay for his development.

The third region where the emergence of a new Russian aircraft carrier can dramatically change the alignment of forces - the Asia-Pacific. The situation there is not easy: China is increasing the power of its navy to control the disputed islands, and recently adopted anti-ship ballistic missiles DF-21 seriously worried the US military, since they are intended to destroy aircraft carriers. The US and its allies have to demonstrate their strength by conducting naval exercises in the surrounding waters. The appearance in this boiling boiler of a Russian aircraft carrier with a powerful grouping of the newest aircraft is a serious argument in favor of China. 

By the way, the Celestial Empire can become a buyer of Russian aircraft carriers. In China, there are already two aircraft-carrying cruisers of the Soviet model and deck fighter J-15, a copy of the Su-33. With the help of Russian aircraft of the fifth generation of Su-57 Beijing could significantly expand the capabilities of ship aviation. Another potential buyer of Russian aircraft carriers is India .

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The project of the prospective multipurpose aircraft carrier "Storm" was first shown at the St. Petersburg Naval Salon in 2013. Designed by the Krylov Center, a ship with a displacement of 100,000 tons will be able to take on board up to 90 aircraft and helicopters. The nuclear power plant will remove restrictions on the range of navigation, and the ice class will allow the ship to enter the Arctic. The flight deck will have two trampolines and four electromagnetic catapults. Receiving aircraft will provide an aerofinery. 


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