Saturday, 11 August 2018

China is constantly improving stealth planes, drones and engines

South China Morning Post

brian wang | August 6, 2018  

In 2019, China will start deploy J-20B stealth fighters with a new Xian WS-15 jet engine. This engine could finally bring China to about the engine performance level of the US PW-119 engine that were installed over 20 years ago in the F22........Continue reading: HERE

Xian WS-15 jet engine


Taiwan’s official Central News Agency says that by the end of 2019, there will be a fourth J-20 production line for trial production of J-20B using China’s homegrown WS-15 Emei turbofans.

Due to the use of WS-15, J-20B’s cruise speed will be Mach 1.8 and maximum speed exceeds Mach 2.2, equal to those of US F-22. China will produce 500 J-20B, more than the future total number of other fifth-generation fighter jets in Asia-Pacific. Source:

Chengdu J-20: Details
Shenyang J-31: Details

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