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About the PAK DA project 10 years after the conclusion of the R & D contract. ”Military review

PAK DA concept - Alexandr Vihorev

About the PAK DA project 10 years after the conclusion of the R & D contract. ”Military review: Translated by google - In 2019, exactly 10 years have passed since the start of work in the framework of the concept of a promising long-range aviation complex (PAK DA). It was in 2009 that the R & D contract was signed. In this case, the approval of the project took place in 2013.

According to the original plan, the first long-range bomber-rocket carrier must fly in 2025. At what stage of implementation is the PAK DA project today? 

Ten years after the commencement of surveys within the framework of the project, it is known about the approval by the main defense department of the appearance of a promising airline complex. Also, the Ministry of Defense approved the main parameters and characteristics of the aircraft. It became finally clear that the aircraft will be carried out, based on the implementation of the "flying wing" scheme.

At the same time, the order of the military department is aimed at the active use of technologies of increased secrecy. This statement, published some time ago, caused a lot of questions in the expert environment. The main question is: does this mean that PAK DA are going to fully implement the idea with the so-called stealth coating? And if so, does it mean that domestic producers have the appropriate technologies “on hand”?

Apparently, it is still not possible to fully speak about the stealth coating (for the whole corps). However, it should be noted that several months ago, Rostec reported on the creation of such a composition of materials that doubles the level of absorption of waves emitted by the enemy's radar. And we are talking about stealth coating for aviation glass. The development was carried out by the specialists of SSC RF ONPP “Technology” (Obninsk). We are talking about a metal-optical medium of dimension “10 to minus 9th” (nano), which aims to ultimately reduce the visibility of the aircraft and increase its survival in combat conditions. The overall radar wave absorption rates for such coverage exceed 80 percent.

In this regard, we can assume that with the development of technology, there are options for creating an appropriate coating directly for the aircraft fuselage, including the same PAK DA. 

It is also worth noting that the new composite coating of avi-glass significantly increases the transmittance of light. The developers note that this will allow pilots to receive more visual information at twilight time of the day. 

A separate question: will the manufacturers meet the deadlines set earlier? Recall that the PAK DA aircraft, for which soon they are going to pick up the nomenclature designation, according to plans, should arrive in 2028. 

The contract is being implemented by PJSC Tupolev. At this stage, the aircraft project is being implemented as part of the 2016-2025 state armaments program.

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