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Source: Mi-28NM will receive a new guided missile "product 305" with a range of more than 25 km - TASS


Source: Mi-28NM will receive a new guided missile "product 305" with a range of more than 25 km - Army and military-industrial complex - TASS: According to the source, the helicopter can carry up to eight such missiles.

MOSCOW, March 20. / TASS /. The Russian modernized attack helicopter Mi-28NM will receive a new guided missile “product 305” with a target range of over 25 km. This was reported to TASS on Wednesday by a source in the aircraft building complex.

“For the Mi-28NM, a new missile is being created, the“ product 305 ”, designed for round-the-clock destruction of armored vehicles and reinforced concrete fortifications. The range of missile use is more than 25 km,” the agency’s source said. The source added that one helicopter can carry up to eight such missiles (four on each pylon).

According to the interlocutor, the rocket will fly to the target according to the onboard inertial navigation system, information about the location of the target will be entered into the memory of the system at the time of launch from a helicopter. The Mi-28NM, in turn, will receive the coordinates of the target from its own means of detection or from a single troop control system.

In the final leg of the flight, the source explained, "the new rocket will include a homing head to detect the target in a given area and defeat it." The helicopter will be able to receive the video signal from the rocket via a protected information and command radio line, the source added.

TASS does not have official confirmation provided by the source of information.

At the moment, the maximum range of destruction of Russian guided missiles for helicopters reaches 15 km, as reported by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on March 11 at a meeting of the State Duma defense committee. The minister then noted that the range of use of helicopter missiles was increased following the results of the antiterrorist operation in Syria.


Mi-28NM - an upgraded version of the helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter". The machine is designed to destroy armored vehicles, conducting reconnaissance and target designation. Mi-28NM, in particular, received a fundamentally new locator that provides all-round visibility (located in the fairing above the rotor), a new control system with elements of artificial intelligence.

Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko on March 7 announced that the Defense Ministry would soon conclude a contract for the supply of the first modernized Mi-28NM helicopters to the troops. He noted that the volume of the first contract is being discussed - it will be six or 18 cars.

Hermes-A extreme-range anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system?


The products are able to hit targets at a distance of up to 30 km, while the most effective helicopter ATGMs – Attack, Vortex and Hellfire – do not exceed 10 km. According to experts, the use of “Hermes” in Syria will not only test the unique missile system in battle, but also demonstrate the novelty to potential buyers, especially Egypt.

Development and testing of the newest ATGM the Tula Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering has been conducting since the mid-1990s. Despite the fact that “Hermes” is officially called an anti-tank missile, it is a universal product capable of hitting a wide range of targets, including structures, field fortifications and the enemy’s living force.

As the editor-in-chief of the Internet project Militaryrussia Dmitry Kornev told Izvestia, the latest Hermes missile is equipped with a combined guidance system capable of detecting enemy targets even in the most difficult weather conditions.

– On the “Hermes” is a combined homing head (GOS) with an infrared sensor and a laser guidance channel, “says Kornev. – The purpose of the rocket can be “illuminated” from the ground. That is, an air racer, a helicopter or an airplane will aim the laser beam at the target, and the GOS “Hermes” will “see” the laser spot and take the target. But if the laser does not have a backlight, then infrared sensors come into effect, which will detect enemy targets for the heat generated. In the future, miniature radar stations can appear on the Hermes missiles, which, combined with infrared guidance, will ensure the unique accuracy of the latest products.

According to the expert, the speed of the Russian guided missile is close to hypersonic.

“The two-stage design of Hermes is largely unified with the design of the anti-aircraft missile of the Pantsir-S complex,” says Kornev. – The starting stage disperses the missile and leads to the target area, after which it is separated from the product. Then the battle bloc enters the case, which is already searching for the target, and then destroys it. The minus of this layout is the large weight of the rocket. According to available data, the product weighs more than 90 kg, while the “Vortex” ATGM is twice as light. Source

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