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The Russian Navy will receive nuclear submarines "Prince Vladimir" and "Kazan" in 2019

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The Russian Navy will receive nuclear submarines "Prince Vladimir" and "Kazan" in 2019: - Translated by google - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that strategic submarines will be part of the Russian Navy by the end of this year.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, on March 12, as part of his speech at a meeting in Severodvinsk, said that the strategic nuclear submarines Prince Vladimir and Kazan would become part of the Russian Navy by the end of 2019. It is reported portal "MIC".

According to him, the construction and transfer of nuclear submarines to the Russian forces are the primary tasks of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

“On the instructions of the Supreme Commander, the whole complex of works should be completed this year,” said Shoigu.

He stressed that "Prince Vladimir" and "Kazan" would have to determine the "promising appearance" of the domestic submarine fleet, as well as increase the country's defense potential and strengthen the position of the Russian Federation in the World Ocean.

The head of the military department added that the meeting in Severodvinsk will discuss issues relating to the delivery of these submarines, as well as the repair of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov and preparations for the construction of ships in the far sea.

"Kazan" is the first multi-purpose nuclear submarine of the 4th generation, built under the improved project "Yasen-M". The submarine is made of modernized equipment and materials and is armed with Caliber cruise missiles or Onyx supersonic.

“Prince Vladimir” is the 4th generation project 955A strategic nuclear submarine armed with the Bulava ballistic missiles. The missile carrier has reduced noise performance, improved maneuverability, as well as increased depth of immersion and upgraded weapon control systems.

Russian Navy plans to receive Prince Vladimir and Kazan submarines this year

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