Thursday, 14 March 2019

Malaysia interested in the Russian combat training Yak-130


BBC Malaysia interested in the Russian combat training Yak-130: 15-th International exhibition of aerospace and naval engineering LIMA-2019, which will be held in Malaysia from 26 to 30 March this year, Russia will show a copy of the Yak-130 instead of the full-scale model of the aircraft, reported RIA Novosti citing a source in the aviation industry.

According to the publication, the Russian delegation at the exhibition will demonstrate the combat capabilities of Yak-130 instead of showing full-scale model of the aircraft, as previously assumed. 
The reason was the request of the command of the Malaysian air force, which wanted to get acquainted with Russian aircraft because of the possible purchase.

Combat Training Yak-130 not only take part in the flight program of the exhibition, but also will demonstrate their combat capabilities.

One of the test pilots of the Yakovlev design Bureau will be piloting the plane and show Malaysian counterpart in the air all the capabilities of the Russian Yak-130

- said the source publication.
The Yak-130 (NATO: Mitten "Mitten") is a Russian combat training aircraft developed by Yakovlev to replace in the army air forces training aircraft L-39. In the case of combat aircraft capable of light attack aircraft.

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