Friday, 1 March 2019

Russia to get "surrogate" underwater UAV - Врагов России обманет «Суррогат»: Оружие: Наука и техника:

Врагов России обманет «Суррогат»: Оружие: Наука и техника:  - Translated by google - The Russian Navy will receive an underwater unmanned swimming device capable of reproducing the magnetoacoustic characteristics of various submarines. About this on Thursday, February 28, write "News" .

The target trap is distinguished by a large power reserve and the possibility of maneuvering. The UAV will simulate, in particular, reflected acoustic waves and a wake stream, in which anti-submarine ships, airplanes and helicopters track enemy submarines.

Trap targets are planned to be used in naval exercises and creating false targets for the enemy. Considered the possibility of combat use. The General Staff of the Navy said that work on the project had begun, and underwater UAVs were included in the list of advanced weapons.

The publication reminds that in 2016 the design bureau of marine equipment "Rubin" has developed a project of a sea robotized complex "Surrogate". In length, such an underwater drone reaches 17 meters. The estimated displacement of the product is 40 tons. Immersion depth - up to 600 meters. Maximum speed - 24 knots, cruising range - more than 600 nautical miles.

Earlier in February, it became known that the adoption of the Harmony system of the underwater observation positioning system would allow "significantly reducing the required number of ships and aircraft" in the Russian Navy.

On December 11 last year, it was reported that the Russian Navy does not have modern means of detecting low-noise American military submarines. Winter 2017 Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov came to the conclusion that the Russian navy "is able to solve the task assigned to it in full, but so far only to a very limited scale local wars and armed conflicts."


The Rubin Design Bureau of St. Petersberg, designer of Cold War Soviet missile submarines including the enormous Typhoon class, is working on this drone for the Russian Navy. According to Russian state media, "Surrogat" will have a deployable trailing antenna, allowing it to "realistically reproduce the physical fields of the enemy—the acoustic and electromagnetic." The antenna will allow Surrogat to broadcast, for example, the sound made by a particular class of ballistic missile submarine, as well as the sub's active sonar signature.

Surrogat will be 55 feet long and, thanks to lithium-ion batteries, capable of operating for 15 to16 hours at a time. It will weigh approximately 50 tons with a maximum diving depth of 600 meters and a maximum speed "in excess of 24 knots."

How could the Russian Navy use Surrogat? The drone could be useful in wartime by hunting NATO hunter-killer submarines tasked with destroying Russia's ballistic missile submarines. Surrogat could imitate a Borei-class submarine, with Russian attack submarines lying in wait in an ambush. Any submarine attacking it will give away its own position, allowing the Russian submarines to close in for the kill.

Russia Says It's Working on a Drone That Can Imitate Any Sub Source:

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