Thursday, 21 November 2019

Thailand lays keel for two T 994-class patrol vessels

TOR 993 -

Thailand lays keel for two T 994-class patrol vessels | Jane's 360

Key Points

  • A Thai shipbuilder has laid down two more T 994-class patrol vessels for the country's navy
  • The pair will be the first vessels in class to be equipped with China-supplied weapon systems

Thai shipbuilder Marsun has laid down the keels for two more T 994-class coastal patrol vessels on order for the Royal Thai Navy (RTN), the service announced via its official social media channel.

The vessels, which will be in service as T 997 and T 998 once commissioned, were laid down on 14 November at Marsun's facilities in Thailand's Samut Prakan district. The boats will be the fourth and fifth vessels in the T 994 class overall.

The class has an overall length of 41.44 m, an overall beam of 7.2 m and displaces about 215 tonnes at full load.

Assault and Patrol Boats and Patrol Gun Boats built by Marsun for The Royal Thai Navy

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