Friday, 15 November 2019

Engines for the Su-57 have new problems

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У двигателей для Су-57 возникли новые проблемы

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Identified problems with the engines for the Su-57.

Despite the emergence of information that the pilot production of second-stage engines for fifth-generation fighters has already been established, it became known that in reality, this information does not correspond to reality. At the moment, these engines were not ready, and, obviously, their appearance may be delayed by 2-3 years.

The reason for doubts among specialists was the emergence of information that the developers of the so-called “product 30” are currently only engaged in research work, that is, in fact, even one of the main stages of creating a powerful maneuverable power plant for the fifth generation Russian fighter.

Against this background, experts have suggested that at least the first two dozen fifth-generation combat aircraft armed with the Russian aerospace forces will be equipped with engines of the first stage.

“If we are only talking about performing research, then we can say with confidence that the engines are not ready, and obviously they should not be expected before 2022, and this provided that the further stage of design, creation and testing will be relatively smooth” , - notes the specialist.

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